I am Kaunus

I am all legends


We want to bring more beauty to the world, enhance its emotions and transport you to your most profound feelings. Each Kaunus piece has a unique personality and essence, a reflection of your own self, made into a piece of sublime art.

Designs for the soul
  • “Art is a state of the soul”. Marc Chagall

    Kaunus arises from the lavish emotions caused by music, passion for

  • beauty and the search for perfection, the extravagance of eccentricity and the mystery of love. Kaunus is the inspiration which moves the soul of the artist.

Shape over function.
Beauty over aesthetic.
Overwhelming sensations.
Art at its best.
Art is eternal, timeless,
and when it surpasses the senses,
it is transformed into a myth.

Myths transcend time,
they make you shudder
because of their beauty.
leaving you breathless.

When the legend is born,
something perpetual, inmutable, sublime.
I’m Kaunus.

Born from the soul of music
and the heart of an artist.
I am the work of many people,
stories, chords and sensations.
I am a unique work of art.
I am the sum of imperfection,
essence, extravagance, passion
and all what is beautiful.

I am all legends.
I am Kaunus.
#Sublime legends.

  • "Kaunus, born from the soul of music and the heart of an artist"
  • Zayda Jiménez
  • Passion and vision, art made into functionality. From her talent and creativity, to her sensitivity and knowledge of the world of music, make her the creative force of each design, transformed into unique benches. True collector’s piece. KAUNUS is the result of the passion, effort and determination of its creator, and 100% MADE IN SPAIN by expert hands.
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