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KAUNUS Designed for Music is a luxury musical furniture brand combining innovation and tradition: the manual work techniques of the craftsperson and modern creativity.

KAUNUS benches are hand made FOR YOU ALONE.
Each KAUNUS bench IS UNIQUE, therefore it has an identification plate with a serial number corresponding to YOUR BENCH, certified by the CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY signed by its creator Zayda Jiménez.

KAUNUS Designed for music sells around the world. You can buy through our website.
All KAUNUS pieces are made to order FOR YOU.

The delivery period for YOUR KAUNUS is 12-14 weeks once a purchase order has been completed. The delivery periods may vary by destination country.
We will inform you of each phase in the manufacturing and delivery process by email from info@kaunus.com.

KAUNUS benches are precisely and delicately manufactured and assembled INDIVIDUALLY FOR YOU in Spain, by experts. A small group of highly qualified professionals is led by the founder and soul of KAUNUS, ZAYDA JIMÉNEZ.

We use the best selection of materials to make YOUR KAUNUS.

  • Steel coated in brass, gold, chrome or black nickel
  • Solid rosewood and olive tree roots
  • Tilt mechanisms with a non-slip base to adapt to and protect the most delicate surfaces.
  • Solid beech wood on the base of the seat, and as a component in the controls of the KHAS (KAUNUS HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM).
  • European cowhide with mixed tanning.
  • FIREPROOF 500g velvet. CLASS 1 UNE-EN 13773:2003 upon request.
  • Foam density 40kg/m3. California Technical Bulletin 117. Sez A e D.
    UNI 9175 (Class 1 IM)

You can request all information from us on the materials, composition and safety certifications of YOUR KAUNUS by emailing info@kaunus.com

KAUNUS makes your CUSTOMISED bench. We have different metal finishes and upholstery with a personalization charge in addition to the sales price on the website. We accept fabrics provided by the client provided that they do not impair the original design of the piece, with an additional personalization fee which we will indicate where necessary. In this case, KAUNUS takes no responsibility for the quality, safety or durability of the fabrics provided by the client for upholstering the seat. Personalised pieces are subject to a delivery time which may exceed 12 weeks.

We send samples, with a cost of €40 per sample for EU clients and $50 for clients in the USA. Request them by emailing info@kaunus.com.

KAUNUS prices are shown in Euro. VAT and delivery costs not included.

Clients from the rest of the world: we would be delighted to provide you with the sales conditions in your country – email us at sales@kaunus.com.

You will automatically receive a notification with your order and sales invoice once the purchase has been made.

You can see and track the manufacturing phases of YOUR KAUNUS at any time by contacting us at info@kaunus.com.

All KAUNUS pieces are custom made FOR YOU, therefore we cannot offer refunds or changes. If there is a problem with your KAUNUS bench and you report it within 48 hours, we will work to repair or replace your piece. We will attend to each case individually. All claims due to shipping damage must be made within 48 hours following receipt. KAUNUS will not accept any claim on goods after this period. Signing of receipt by the client constitutes full acceptance of all packages indicated on the delivery note in intact condition.
The rejection of damaged goods in no way exempts the buyer from responsibility for paying for the goods.

The only important thing is to treat it delicately! Metal parts may be scratched and damaged easily if not appropriately handled.
The metal and wooden textures are protected by a layer of transparent UV varnish to prevent the finish from being tarnished; therefore, it is not necessary to polish the metal or wood.
Damage to this protective coating by cleaning products may lead to a tarnished finish. Do not use wet cloths, abrasive cleaners or water on the metal, as these will damage the surface. ONLY use a soft, dry cloth.



Please do not use the KHAS controls and the seat to move or transport the bench. This might damage the main shaft of the KHAS. You can move or lift your KAUNUS by using the legs of the bench.

All KAUNUS pieces have been designed and manufactured to become SUBLIME LEGENDS. Our guarantee is to offer SOLUTIONS. If any issue arises, we will work to offer you the most appropriate solution.

European Regional Development Fund.
A way to make Europe.

KAUNUS DESIGN, S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve SMEs competitiveness and thanks to which it has carried out an Internationalization Plan with the aim of improving its competitive positioning in foreign markets during 2021-2022. For this, it has had the support of the Xpande program of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón.

European Regional Development Fund.
A way to make Europe.

The company KAUNUS DESING SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to promote technological development, innovation and quality research, and thanks to which it has implemented the INNOVATION IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and INNOVATION IN PRODUCT projects, for the protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property and product design and development through the realization of non-marketable prototypes. This action has taken place during the year 2021. For this, it has had the support of the InnoCámaras program of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón, co-financed by the Excma. Castellón Provincial Council.

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