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The task of choosing the best piano or the one that best suits our needs is not easy. What brand to choose? Which manufacturers or from which country are the best quality pianos? 


One of the factors that can help us is the country of origin. It is certainly a good indicator of the quality of a piano. Originally, pianos’ production began in Germany and the United States; therefore, in these countries, we can find some of the best brands of pianos. 


Grand pianos have a higher price, as they require more materials, and their manufacturing process is the most laborious. On the other hand, they are the ones that produce a more powerful sound and are usually made with the best materials. 


4 great piano brands 


Steinway And Sons 

Original brand from Germany for more than 200 years, Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg founded another factory in New York around 1853. Without a doubt, they are the best-known manufacturers, and their pianos have been the most purchased.  During the nineteenth century, it exported its models throughout the colonial world of the time. 



Its origin dates back to 1864; it is the largest piano factory in Europe. It manufactures various ranges but is famous for making parts for other brands as well.

The PETROF range of pianos is extensive. It has been awarded several patents, including a declaration of the quality of the materials used and European origin – the European Excellence (EEX) seal. 



Each Exxeo is unique; no two are alike. The Exxeo team are masters of design and technology, but they also believe that art and the human touch are among the rarest products of the 21st century. They have invested a great deal of time and effort in redefining the piano concept by adapting it to contemporary settings and modern applications. This breakthrough is made possible by adopting new cutting-edge technologies, materials, and production methods from the automotive and aerospace industries. 



Founded in 1975, this British manufacturer offers a design as well as sophistication. His philosophy responds to the motto “Sound good and look better.” The different models are designed in the Cambridge workshop, where the company’s craftsmen, architects, and interior experts innovate prototypes to suit the consumer.


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