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  • Gabriela Montero shines in Castellón accompanied by a “legend” Kaunus

Gabriela Montero

The pianist Gabriela Montero performed with the Castellón Symphony Orchestra under Henry Bouché with the Malena bench


On June 3, Kaunus once again experienced an extraordinary moment, this time on stage. During the concert held at the Castelló Auditorium and Conference Center, the great pianist Gabriela Montero masterfully performed the Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor” accompanied by the Malena bench.

Without a doubt, it was a beautiful and harmonious image on stage. Art, sophistication, and talent united to provide a great show to the public and more after this challenging year due to the pandemic. In addition, Zayda Jiménez, founder of Kaunus, had the opportunity to meet Gabriela and hand over the Malena stool in person for such an important occasion.


Zayda Jiménez, handing over the Malena bench to Gabriela Montero


Gabriela Montero, virtuous pianist


Gabriela Montero’s innovative interpretations and her extraordinary talent for improvisation have allowed her to win fans and followers worldwide. Montero is recognized for composing new works in real-time, inviting her audience to give songs on which to improvise.


Winner of the prestigious Heidelberger Frühling Music Prize in 2018 and the 4th International Beethoven Award in Bonn in 2019. She has performed with many of the best orchestras, including the Los Angeles, New York, Liverpool and Dresden Philharmonics, the Chicago Symphony, San Francisco, and Vienna Symphony.


Gabriela Montero’s talent has been her letter of introduction in different world stages; her passion for music and her country, Venezuela, is the recipe for her success. Finally, a recognition that does not stop growing and that has been more than earned.


Gabriela Montero next to the Malena bench, moments before the Concert.


Kaunus Sublime Legends


From Kaunus, we are proud and very grateful to Gabriela Montero for her warm welcome and trust, allowing us to participate in this beautiful concert.


Kaunus is a disruptive brand that breaks with the traditional aesthetics of the piano bench. Design, avant-garde, and exclusivity are its hallmarks. Artisanal manufacture and carried out in Spain, top quality materials and finishes of great precision and the development of its height adjustment system make Kaunus benches, legends, and unique pieces of great value.

European Regional Development Fund.
A way to make Europe.

KAUNUS DESIGN, S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve SMEs competitiveness and thanks to which it has carried out an Internationalization Plan with the aim of improving its competitive positioning in foreign markets during 2021-2022. For this, it has had the support of the Xpande program of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón.

European Regional Development Fund.
A way to make Europe.

The company KAUNUS DESING SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to promote technological development, innovation and quality research, and thanks to which it has implemented the INNOVATION IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and INNOVATION IN PRODUCT projects, for the protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property and product design and development through the realization of non-marketable prototypes. This action has taken place during the year 2021. For this, it has had the support of the InnoCámaras program of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón, co-financed by the Excma. Castellón Provincial Council.

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