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Sophistication and elegance, mystery and extravagance. The perfume which intoxicates your senses and lasts in your memory. #SublimeExtravagance

  • Stainless steel structure and KHAS controls coated in gloss gold and upholstered with engraved velvet.
  • Hand upholstered seat in the exclusive “Kaunus stripes” pattern of the brand in black velvet.

Registered designs owned by the author ®

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Price 3.900,00

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Lola, sophistication and elegance

Lola, sophistication and elegance

Discover Lola

Sophistication & elegance.
Extravagance & mystery.
I am the gazes of all those who believe in dreams,
freedom, love, passion and sensuality.
I am inspiration and the combination of all beauty
from any angle.
I am a whisper you do not hear,
a sculpture you cannot see,
the work of art you cannot touch.
I am unforgettable, perpetual and distinctive.
I am Sublime Extravagance.


Maximum Exclusivity Section

Each Kaunus piece is registered with a unique series number engraved on an identification plate under its seat, certified by the CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY signed by its creator.

Lola, for you

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  • Your Kaunus, made for you
  • KHAS (Kaunus Height Adjustment System) guarantees a precise height adjustment through gas spring system, incorporating an innovative device which displays the precise position selected by each musician. A convenient and easy-to-use height adjustment mechanism.

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  • Haute couture
  • From the structure to the hand-upholstered seat and the precision of the KHAS System and originality of its “jewel” controls. Like all exclusive processes, like all works of art, each Kaunus piece is assembled by experts hands, taking care of every detail in the process.

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  • Hand made in Spain
  • Every centimetre of a Kaunus piece is built with premium materials and finishes, which in addition to work by expert hands, result in pieces of unique beauty, function and precision. Kaunus is innovation, defiance and excitement.

European Regional Development Fund.
A way to make Europe.

KAUNUS DESIGN, S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve SMEs competitiveness and thanks to which it has carried out an Internationalization Plan with the aim of improving its competitive positioning in foreign markets during 2019-2020. For this, it has had the support of the Xpande program of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón.