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10 destinations

“Music can give a name to the unnameable and communicate the unknown” (Leonard Bernstein) 


Every trip is a great opportunity to discover new cultures, get out of the routine, and enjoy new experiences. Now trips are limited, but it is no reason to stop planning our next destination. Read on and take note of these fantastic cities, you won’t be disappointed. 

Through music and its history, we can travel to beautiful destinations and even transport ourselves to another era. We have made a selection of 10 destinations suitable for music lovers, cities that have been key in the evolution and future of musical art.


10 destinations that you cannot miss


1. Vienna

Vienna City Music Par Excellence.You must pay a visit to the Vienna State Opera. In addition to appreciating its architectural beauty, please take the opportunity to see a representation; you will not regret it!

2. Milan

This wonderful Italian city is not only distinguished by being a benchmark in the world of fashion, but it’s also one of the iconic places in the history of Music. Do you know who composed some of his greatest men here? The great Giuseppe Verdi.


It may not sound like you at first, but it is undoubtedly one of the cradles of classical music. Several of Bach’s greatest masterpieces have been born in its streets; here, the first great modern orchestra was born; Wagner’s hometown. Don’t forget to visit the Bach Museum and the Mendelssohn-Haus conservatory.


It can be considered as the capital of European music par excellence. In addition to London’s great artists, this city has a particular way of understanding music and offering visitors a musical variety that you can find in few places in the world.

5. Bologna

A key city in the history of education, this Italian city concentrates a great variety of artists, historical musical heritage, talents, festivals, concerts and earned it international fame as a musical reference destination.

6. Seville

“Seville has a special color …” Having its folkloric style, playing an essential role in the history of Spanish music and that music is always present in the life of the city, has made Seville the only one worthy of being a City of Music in Spain.

7. Salzburg

Located on the River Salzach banks, the city of Mozart is also nicknamed “World Stage” and for a reason, as it stands out with cultural events such as the great Salzburg Festival. Much of its splendor and beauty is due to the unique artistic and architectural legacy of the Prince-Archbishops.

8. Prague

Mozart adored this fairytale city. It was in Prague that The Marriage of Figaro grew in popularity. After its success, his Don Giovanni premiered at the Estates Theater in Prague, where classical music can still be heard today.

9. Saint Petersburg

From Russia with love. The legendary city on the Neva River, built by Tsar Peter I, is Russia’s cultural capital and a symbol of its heritage. A city of excellent museums, theaters, and unique monuments.

10. Paris

Paris, musical capital? Do not hesitate. This wonderful city proposes an offer as vital as it is eclectic on this subject and has everything to seduce the most demanding music lovers: giant stages, intimate rooms, baroque repertoire, rock concerts … Offer for all tastes.


What do you think of our 10 destinations?

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